Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am very Jealous of the East Coast.

For the honor of Greyskull.....


Ah. So, so, so jealous.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Events: Japan LA 3 Year Anniversary Party!

Celebrate JapanLA's 3 Year Anniversary! Saturday, June 27th! The party will be at JapanLA, 7pm - 11pm.

*Take Your Picture with Hello Kitty
*Free Gift Bags for 1st 100 People!
*Free Cupcakes, Snacks, and Drinks!
*Raffle with Special Prizes from tokidoki!

I'll be working at the event, so stop on by, chat with some awesome people, and snap up some awesomely cute items! You can browse their stuff at Japanla.com!

Video/Photo shoot with Image Mechanics

Recently, I modeled for ImageMechanics.com so they could make a reel showing off the capabilities of the new Canon 5D Mk II. Check out the video below for some strangely vibrant video of me! Man.. the future. It's awesome.

Vertical Video Harajuku Fashion Shoot from Michael Britt on Vimeo.

This video was shot on the first day the new firmware for the Canon 5D Mk II was released which allowed manual exposure modes. It was shot in vertical orientation to maximize the resolution for simultaneous hd video and stills captured in raw format (VCS - Video Capture for Stills). While the video was running, the shutter was triggered to capture still images. The last video frame freezes and several following frames are missing as the camera switches modes. My contacts at Canon say it is around 1 second of missing video but it seems to be as little as three or four frames. Lighting was Profoto HMI with a beauty dish. The shutter click is the actual sound the camera makes as it captures the high res raw file. The white transitions were added as a visual buffer to the next clip (no flash was used). The camera was mounted on the Redrock Micro DSLR bundle. ImageMechanics.com (music by Max Tundra)

Chubby Bunny Bows!

Creating a product that matched my personality.. and well, my old high school nickname... was a piece of cake! I recently opened up shop over at Etsy to feature my chubby bows and other fun accessories that I've been designing in my spare time.

Take a gander, if you please, over at Chubby Bunny Accessories! I'll be announcing new products and concepts as this project takes shape over the summer!

Inspiration: Fallen Princesses

I've been brainstorming for ages about new ways to do the Disney Princesses in a photo shoot. This set by Dina Goldstein really blew me away, though.

I feel like these are the strongest in the set, but you can check out the full story and full set here:
Fallen Princesses