Friday, February 12, 2010

Purpose of a blog?

Long time, no update!

Whoever is still reading this has probably realized that I have several blogs under my belt.

I've categorized them as this:
My "personal" blog over at LiveJournal
My event production blog, over on WordPress, that I write with my business partner.

And this one sort of fell through the cracks in the meantime.

When I look at well-followed blogs that I follow, I notice that they all encompass one particular subject. Some of them just focus on DIY projects. Others on fashion news and tips.

Well, seeing as how I am now the proud owner of, I'd like to create a blog that's focused on the work I do there! I've just imported this blog over to!

So please add me over there, as this blog will now go into its final resting place... mwuahah!